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Our culture


Ray Junior Courtemanche

Investissement Ray Junior was founded in 1984 by Ray Junior Courtemanche. To date, he has successfully completed over $1 billion in real estate projects. This entrepreneur has led prestigious residential projects in Blainville-sur-le-Lac, Fontainebleau and Lorraine as well as various home projects in Laval, condos in Lanaudière and triplex in the Saint-Augustin sector in Mirabel. He has also undertaken several commercial projects, including the 3 towers of Cité Mirabel, Tower Saint-Jérôme, the « La Cité des Affaires du Boisé de l’Équerre » project in Laval, the residential and commercial development of Cité Mirabel, and the Medical Complex Cité Mirabel. Eventually, the Cité Mirabel project, in which the company currently focuses, will have an estimated market value of $2 billion.

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The Visionary Builder

To learn more about the history of the founder of Investissement Ray Junior, you can get the book: 

« Le Bâtisseur visionnaire »

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Head office

Built in 2021, the company’s headquarters is located at the heart of Investissement Ray Junior’s projects, on the fifth floor of Tower 2 of the 3 Towers Cité Mirabel at 500-11800 rue de l’Avenir, Mirabel, Qc, J7J 2T1.

Siège social - Investissement Ray Junior - Mirabel

Our mission

Our mission is to develop avant-garde living, working, and leisure environments that allow clients to reside in extraordinary settings. We aim to fully satisfy our project clients by maintaining a dedicated team that is wholeheartedly engaged and exerting superior voluntary effort to complete high-quality work.

Our values


We strongly believe in the proverb « unity is strength. » This means that we prioritize teamwork within our organization and ensure that every employee understands they can rely on others. With good communication and integrity from everyone, we are convinced that our projects are completed more effectively.


Despite obstacles and challenges, we rely on everyone’s perseverance to complete our projects. This allows us to deliver projects to our clients within the scheduled deadlines.


Regardless of the scale and value of our projects, we are convinced that humility enables us to have excellent business relationships and thus provide superior customer service.


The organization is dedicated to its projects, whatever they may be, completing our work with the aim of ensuring our clients are satisfied and delighted. Our goal is for our services to set us apart from others.


We want everyone, employees, clients, suppliers, to have mutual respect in order to develop healthy relationships and carry out our projects in harmony.